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If you have spent any time enjoying the waters surrounding Daufuskie, you can probably attest to our playful, vibrant bottlenose dolphin population.

All around the Lowcountry’s waterways you will see these beautiful marine mammals. A rounded, gray dorsal fin will arc through the surface of the water as the dolphin draws for air. If you’re lucky, the dolphin will linger at the surface for a few moments, shooting you a playful “smile.”

Interested in bottlenose dolphins? Join a Tour Daufuskie guide and enjoy the area’s creeks by kayak, keeping a watchful eye out for a glimpse of these friendly locals. Or rent some kayaks on your own to scout them out. Give us a call to book a reservation! (843)842-9449

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True Daufuskie Material – A family laughs at their rainy kayaking adventure

Recently, Tour Daufuskie guided the Grey family from Tennessee out on what turned out to be a very wet kayaking tour!  As normal, we began our paddle from the public dock aka Marshside Mamas.  While we were navigating the pristine rivers and marshes that make up our tour, threatening clouds quickly turned in to the Heavens opening up.  It was the type of rain that Forrest Gump described as, rain that seemed to come straight up from underneath.

kayaking daufuskie island in the rain

kayaking daufuskie island in the rain

Where 95% of the time our radar studies help us avoid rainy moments such as these, the other 5% of the time, mother nature throws us a curve ball.  The silver lining to this story is that the Grey family did not panic, but laughed, smiled, and carried on with the adventure!  Their 6 year old son was a little unnerved but even he toughed out the wet chill that hit us all.   Our guess is that this will be a story that the Grey family remembers for a long time to come and Tour Daufuskie would like to thank them for being such great sports.  We try our best to avoid these circumstances but when they occur, only a family like the Grey’s can decide wether or not we still have fun!  Indeed this adventurous and laid back family are what we islanders refer to as true “Daufuskie material” and we hope they visit us again for another adventure soon.

See you on the river!

Bradley Hoover,

Managing Director and Lead Guide

Daufuskie Material

Daufuskie Material

Three benefits to a guided Daufuskie Island kayaking trip


Are you nervous about your first paddle in a kayak?  That’s okay and it’s a good thing to be cautious because there is a lot to know about Daufuskie Island’s tides and weather patterns!  Here are the three benefits of our guided kayaking trips:

1. Our guide has many certifications that will put your mind at ease when being placed in the same boat as them.  Let us plan the weather and tides so you don’t have to worry while on vacation!

2. If you get tired, your guide can help you out with the paddling.

3. Small children can be placed in the same kayak with the guide as well! The two person kayaks are also available for customers and not just the guide with the customer.