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An Evening on Daufuskie

With a rarity not common in our modern world, Daufuskie makes the perfect venue for intimate weddings and private events.

Photo Nov 16, 11 31 31 AMHer natural beauty is overwhelming. Imagine a small, private ceremony in the beautiful First Union African Baptist Church. Originally built in 1884, this restored house of worship is the perfect location for a memorable day.

Or you can take advantage of our gorgeous, secluded beaches.

In addition to the ceremony, Daufuskie offers numerous hidden gems perfect for a reception or private event.

Iron Fish Gallery

Iron Fish Gallery: Lit in the Evening

The Iron Fish Gallery is a breathtaking outdoor gallery that can accommodate groups up to 100. With lights strung, this romantic space is the perfect way to spend your evening.

Wineand Woodworks can offer a serene indoor/outdoor venue right on the Cooper River. This post and beam building can accommodate up to 100 guests. From private rentals on the water to outdoor catered venues, these are just two of numerous location options.

Daufuskie Island Wine and Woodworks

Daufuskie Island Wine and Woodworks

Lowcountry style cuisine pairs perfectly with the island’s emanate beauty. Local restaurants and chefs can cater anything from small hors d’oeuvres to a four-course meal. Lucy Bell’s Café has years of experience catering on Daufuskie Island. Or give Marshside Mama’s a call for some local favorites. There is also Sallie Ann Robinson, who can create an unforgettable Daufuskie dining experience.

Photo Nov 19, 5 52 40 PMDaufuskie’s quaint atmosphere is unlike anywhere else. An evening spent with friends and family on this special island would be one for the books.

The Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary

When Laura Winholt moved to Daufuskie Island in 2006, she was alarmed by the number of stray and feral cats present.  Not only was it an unhealthy situation for the cats themselves, but these animals were causing a nuisance for businesses and homes in the area.  With the help of Daufuskie volunteers, Laura successfully implemented a trap/spay&neuter/release program which dramatically decreased the number of feral kittens born on the island.

While this program was a major success, Laura and her volunteers felt as though their mission wasn’t quite complete.  Feral cats on Daufuskie were still at risk, and their relocation efforts became challenging.  With the support of the ASPCA and Daufuskie volunteers, the Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary was created.  This fenced-in outdoor sanctuary is a half-acre plot of land on Winholt’s property, and it serves as a place for “at risk” cats to safely live with food, shelter, and care.


vertical space allows the cats more room to spread out... and have fun!

Vertical space allows the cats more room to spread out… and to have fun!

Over 70 cats call this sanctuary their happy home.  Every morning and evening, volunteers arrive at the shelter to feed and water the animals, clean up the sanctuary, and give the felines much-needed love and affection.


Feeding stations are spread throughout the sanctuary


Re-purposed styrofoam coolers are used for shelter in the colder months

Re-purposed styrofoam coolers are used for shelter in the colder months

When volunteers arrive at the sanctuary, they are always greeted by a handful of friendly cats waiting at the entrance.  These kitties crave attention and appreciate it when volunteers take the extra minute to say hello!  Other cats stay below the radar; still feral, they tend to hang out in the back of the sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the volunteers.


the greeting party


The sanctuary is a happy place, and its presence on the island has minimized the problem that feral cat populations once posed.  What’s in the future for the Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary?  Winholt hopes to eventually open up the shelter to the public as an interpretive walk.  Not only will this provide education to visitors, but the cats will get some extra playtime with new people – something that they’re certainly looking forward to.